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Needing to purchase a new steriliser?
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Steriliser maintenance and breakdowns.

PDES offers a full range of services including:
  • Steriliser Sales

  • Preinstallation/site inspection

  • Installations

  • Annual maintenance using genuine factory provided service kits

  • Performance Qualifications (validation)

  • Breakdowns (including loan units)

Our technicians are skilled in servicing a number of sterilisers, including:
  • Melag range

  • Sirona Dac Premium range

  • Sirona Dac Professional

  • Sirona Dac Universal

  • Siemens/Pelton & Crane Validator

Performance Qualifications (biological validation)
According to the Australian Standards 4815(2006), all benchtop sterilisers must have completed regular performance qualification (biological testing). 
PDES offers a hassle-free, all inclusive service for a very affordable price. 
Our package includes: 
  • Biological indicators.
  • Onsite testing including 3 consecutive cycles with indicators & calibration equipment.
  • Incubation of biological indicators.
  • Full report including photographs on completion.
  • Certificate of completion.
Interested in purchasing a new steriliser? PDES can help you!
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